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Bump N Play is like bumper cars for people. You become a human wrecking by putting on inflatable spheres and attempt to score goals while inevitably knocking each other down in a hilarious riff on soccer. Guaranteed laughter! Bump N Play is the first and largest full-service bubble soccer provider in Delaware. We currently offer rentals, team building events, and co-ed leagues.

When athletes bump into each other, with only their legs protruding from their inflatable bubble suits, the spheres protect them from injury. However, the bump may also cause them to fall and get stuck upside down, legs in the air. This bumping and occasional turtling makes the game as funny as it is safe and athletic. While soccer is the most popular game, we also offer Bubble Football, Royal Rumble, and other games.


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Most games are played 5 vs 5. However, that can be adjusted based on your rental. Standard games last up to 10 minutes at a bumpnplaytime but can be longer or split into quarters and halves depending on your preferences.


Every rental includes at least one trained Bump N Play event coordinator. Our coordinators handle all the logistics and referee the games. You find the venue and bring the players. We’ll take care of the rest.

Where we play

We service all counties in Delaware, Southern New Jersey, Maryland, and Southern Pennsylvania. All we need is a space that is 50′ x 80′ (about the size of a basketball court) to play a standard 5v5 game and access to electricity. We play on a variety of surfaces, including:


We are here to help! Bubble soccer is a new experience for most people. Let us help you determine the size and length of your rental based on the number of people you have and your goals. Ask us about venues, fundraising ideas, leagues, or anything else you can think of. We’re available anytime by phone or email. You can find our contact info here.